Brum Spirit (previously named Espirito Brum) is a Birmingham based cultural exchange program, which promotes and facilitates collaborations between the best artists and performers from around the world. Brum Spirit works to unite, champion and complement the city of Birmingham with one off world music and art events.

The former Espirito Brum was founded in 2011, and later changed to Brum Spirit. The artist collective is organised and run by Professionally Incredibles Since 2010, the collective has hosted artists from Canada, Australia, Mali, France and the wider UK, along with over 100 visiting Brazilian artists through Brum Spirit. The exchange programme has also tour managed 25 British artists around 5 Brazilian cities.

Working to house, facilitate and exhibit collaborations from an impressive roster of internationally renowned artists and performers, alongside over 300 Birmingham based artists and to a combined audience of over 30,000 people, through these partnerships Brum Spirit will continue to:

– Develop Artists

– Unite Communities

– Design Events with audience participation and promote well being

– Inform and promote culture and heritage with global relevance